HTML & JavaScript for web-apps rather than documents

Igor Minar

Why is web development hard?

A bit of history...

Markup language for scientific documents shared over the net.

Scripting language for HTML documents.

Amazing apps, despite the primitive building blocks.

HTML and JavaScript have improved, but the level of abstraction is same as in 1989.

Let's look at some examples...

So you are saying that jQuery sucks?!?

NO! NO! NO! We <3 jQuery! (for DOM manipulation)

Building webapps is a lot more than DOM manipulation!

AngularJS increases the level of abstraction.

jQuery "just" allows you type less.

Documents don't need to be tested, web-apps do!

AngularJS takes care of most DOM manipulation

Strict separation between application logic and DOM manipulation

Inversion of control and removal of global state

AngularJS has the following baked in:    ✓ unit / integration testing    ✓ end-to-end testing

Warning: We have yet to reach v1.0. All APIs subject to change. Documentation improving fast.

AngularJS @angularjs